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Eagle Rock Fabrication Concept
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Your business is unique, and your equipment should be unique. We have experience designing and building custom pieces that work for you: fuel tanks, catwalks, ladders, platforms, bar joist steel trusses, and much more. We can help you make your business more efficient and work better for you.

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Eagle Rock Fabrication designed and installed custom catwalks and industrial access and platforms that make work safer and easier, including this custom stair access.
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Custom stairs, ramps, and industrial access are essential to ensuring work is done safely and efficiently.
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We build quality tools and equipment designed to function well in challenging environments – and stand the test of time. Using only quality materials and welding techniques. (Shown: conveyer deck)
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From design to build, Eagle Rock Fabrication quality checks to ensure every client has exactly what they need.
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Eagle Rock Fabrication invests in cutting edge technology, including this CNC plasma cutter — capable of precision cuts within micron increments.
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One of many talented and dedicated Eagle Rock Fabrication employees at the in-house machine shop in Idaho Falls.
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Eagle Rock Fabrication at an on-site million gallon fuel tank construction.
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Eagle Rock Fabrication helps clients develop custom access solutions.