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You don't want just any sorter, washer, dryer, conveyer, or sizer — you want one that works for YOU. So whether you grow potatoes, apples, other fruits and vegetables, or want to put down seed, give us a call. We can help your business be more efficient and tailored to the work you want to accomplish.

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Eagle Rock Fabrication’s custom job for a company started with the innovative product design and then building of a fresh potato packing unit. Here they are installing the finished product.
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Standard 600 sack potato even flow holding tank designed and built by Eagle Rock Fabrication. The company has made a number of these over the years for various clients. It can be assembled at its Idaho Falls location and shipped to the client.
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This custom-made potato sorting table offered unique solutions for this client. Eagle Rock Fabrication took care of everything from design to installation.
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Potatoes coming off the grade sorter. Eagle Rock Fabrication custom designed and installed this potato sorting system on site for the client.
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Eagle Rock Fabrication has worked with many fresh potato packing houses, including this one. It involved custom design, build, and installation of this system.
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Working directly with the client, Eagle Rock Fabrication takes into account its needs and space to build a specialty system, like this fresh pack system.
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Large capacity stainless steel even flow holding tank built at Eagle Rock Fabrication.
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Fresh pack manifold system designed and installed on site by Eagle Rock Fabrication.
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Eagle Rock Fabrication installed this set up, which includes potato grading and boxing.
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Eagle Rock Fabrication also designs and builds specialty ag implements, like this grain seed bed maker.